GameStop CEO: “We Anticipate That We’ll See Some New Consoles in the Next Few Years”

In an interview with alistdaily at the GameStop Investors Day in Dallas, GameStop CEO Paul Raines revealed that he expects the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft to arrive in the next few years:

We expect to be pretty dominant on new consoles, and the reason we’re dominant is because we have the PowerUp Rewards program with 46 million members around the world. We have those people on file, and we know how much trade credit they have at home that they bought from us. So it’s easy to market to them and say, “Hey Mr. Gaudiosi, you’ve got $48. Why don’t you bring that in and trade it against the new Xbox or PlayStation?” So we anticipate that we’ll see some new consoles in the next few years. We don’t like to talk about that because our partners get upset if we jump ahead, so we’ll let them disclose that. Consoles are good for us any way you slice it.

Elsewhere in the interview, Raines pointed out how there’s “some excitement around NX [Nintendo’s upcoming console],” and the Wii U “was disappointing to everybody, including them.” He added that Nintendo “made some bold bets [with the Wii U], and maybe some of them didn’t work out. But they have a lot of creativity there.”

As for virtual reality, GameStop thinks Sony “will be the dominant player because they have the most titles.” They also have the “IP advantage” and install base of 40 million PlayStation 4s shipped.

GameStop will be demoing PlayStation VR in the United States and “different markets” beginning this summer.

When do you think the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two will release?

[Source: alistdaily]