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The Kids’ Game Awards Happening Later This Year

Soon, The Game Awards won’t be the only video game awards show in town, as Geoff Keighley himself is partnering with DreamWorksTV to create The Kids’ Game Awards. 

The Kids’ Game Awards will feature celebs, gamers and other prominent personalities. In partnership with AwesomenessTV (a media and entertainment company owned by DreamWorks), The Kids’ Game Awards will have Nintendo, Warner Bros. and Activision as part of its advisory board.

While I have no clue if there’s an audience for this or not, more awards show for the industry isn’t a bad thing, right? Let’s just hope we don’t see the likes of Call of Duty peppering the awards show since it’s, y’know, for kids. 

Are you OK with this or should Keighley focus his energy and resources elsewhere?

[Source: Geoff Keighley (Twitter), Games Industry via Variety)]