Video Shows Off All Uncharted 4 Render Modes, Including Rainbow Fun Land and 8-Bit

For a game with a decidedly more serious tone (no matter how much Nathan Drake wants to joke around), there are certain elements of Uncharted 4 that are still completely silly. The alternate render modes unlockable after completing the game once are one such example of Naughty Dog not taking themselves too seriously and having fun while still making a high quality title that is one of the most impressive to grace the PS4, or any console for that matter.  

It seems incredible that you can hit  a few buttons and completely change the look of the game, from giving it a cel-shaded cartoony look, to making all of the characters look like zombies or vampires on a brown tinted underworld. And we can’t forget about the clown puke inspired rainbow fun land that makes it look like a child’s birthday party exploded all over your game. Check out all of the render modes in action in a variety of settings in the video above.

In addition, we want to put together a gallery of community captures using Uncharted 4’s photo mode, so feel free to email me at Chandler (at) or tweet me @FinchStrife with your Uncharted 4 photo mode screenshots and we’ll include our favorites in a future gallery of reader submissions. 

What do you think of the render modes? Are any of these useful for playing the game, or are they really only good as fun modifiers for photo mode and novelty purposes? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to send in those photo mode screenshots so that we can feature your awesome captures for the PSLS community to see. 

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