Check Out Steam Running on a PS4 With Linux

Back in January this year, some folks found a way to run Linux on a PlayStation 4. A team called “fail0verflow” was able to find exploits in the console’s firmware, enabling them to make changes to the kernel. A YouTube user, who goes by the name of OsirisX, took it a step further and uploaded a video of the Steam client running on a PS4 with Arch Linux. The video isn’t of great quality, and seems to have been uploaded a month ago but it only just came to light via Reddit and is interesting nonetheless so check it out!

Reddit user Derf_Jagged reports that most games run at playable framerates on low/medium settings and apparently, fail0verflow is currently working on making SteamOS run on the console but only time will tell how successful they are.

What do our readers think of this? 

[Source: OsirisX (YouTube) via Reddit]