Street Fighter V’s Ibuki Detailed, Capcom Says June Is Going to Be A “Huge Month”


Eurogamer is reporting that Ibuki won’t be released until “some point in June.”

Original Story:

Previously revealed as the next Street Fighter V DLC fighter, Ibuki was fully detailed by Capcom today.

First appearing in Street Fighter III: New Generation, Ibuki is a ninja who “has been trained in the deadly art of ninjutsu from an early age in a village located in the mountains of Japan and is often seen with her pet tanuki, Don and her best friend Sarai Kurosawa.” She’s a very mobile character who has the ability to glide through the air and throw ninja bombs, as well as stock (and throw) up to five kunais at a time.

Here’s thr details on her V-Skill, V-Trigger, and Critical Art:

V-Skill: Tenrai

  • Ibuki builds up energy and blasts it from her palm towards the opponent. The blast range is dependent on how long Tenrai is charged for.

V-Trigger: Isshaku Horokudama

  • Ibuki digs into her bag of ninja tools and throws a bomb at the opponent. Depending on which direction is held upon activation, the bomb can either go off quickly, after a slight delay or after a longer delay. Ibuki is extremely crafty and impatient, however, so there might be other ways to trigger the explosion.

Critical Art: Kachofugetsu

  • The pinnacle of Ibuki’s ninjutsu training! Ibuki launches the opponent into the air, quickly following after them. She then performs a series of ninjutsu seals, culminating in a large scale blast to the opponent’s skull.

As the screenshots and trailer show, there’s also a new alternate stage on the way: Estate at Noon, a daytime version of the Kanzuki Estate stage.

Capcom hasn’t announced a release date for Ibuki or the stage, but since we’ve yet to receive the planned May 2016 fighter, there’s a chance we’ll see her tomorrow. As long as the Zenny shop isn’t live when Ibuki launches, she should be available as a free trial, just like Alex and Guile.

Street Fighter V isn’t scheduled to receive any DLC fighters in June, but we will see the Story Expansion and “more surprises,” as Capcom teased:

That’s it for today, but we have a lot of exciting news coming very soon! June is going to be a huge month for Street Fighter V, with the highly-anticipated Story Expansion and more surprises planned.

The remaining three announced DLC fighters – Balrog, Juri, Urien – are expected in July, August, and September.

[Source: Capcom Unity]