The Division Maintenance Penciled in for June 9, Adds Clear Sky Challenge Mode

Take heed, Agents; Ubisoft is poised to shut down The Division servers tomorrow, June 9 to carry out planned maintenance. 

Set to last approximately three hours in total, the downtime will begin at 09:00am CEST/03:00am EDT/00:00am PDT, the publisher also listed some of the changes that will be introduced during that window, including the activation of the Clear Sky Challenge Mode. 

Per Ubisoft: 

  • Fixed instances of players being teleported automatically to the Safehouse/Checkpoint in some areas of the DZ06 and an electronic store in the Open World.
  • Moved the no-respawn zone at the entrance of Clear Sky to reduce the risk of players mistakenly entering the Instance before the group was formed.
  • Activated Clear Sky Challenge Mode.

Ubisoft estimates that the downtime should last no longer than three hours, meaning you can plan your playtime accordingly around the scheduled start times: 09:00am CEST/03:00am EDT/00:00am PDT.

[Source: Ubisoft]