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Top 5 Sony E3 2016 Moments

In this week’s top five video, we’re diving headfirst into E3 2016 and counting down the best moments from Sony’s E3 2016 press conference! 

Was it as awesome as last year’s? Better? It depends on whom you ask, but one thing’s for sure: it didn’t lack any surprises. From Spider-Man, to Crash Bandicoot making his return to PlayStation (kinda), to Hideo Kojima surprising us all with the reveal Death Stranding, this E3 had almost everything. Bear in mind that there was a LOT of good stuff in Sony’s E3 presser and we had to narrow it to five. Understandably, a few things didn’t make the cut.

If you somehow missed it or just want to relive the magic, you can watch the entire thing again here. Check out our look back to last year’s E3 press conference in the gallery below.

What are your top five Sony E3 2016 moments? List ’em down in the comments below.

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