2D Platformer Splasher Gets a Gameplay Video

Set for release in early 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Splasher received a gameplay video this week, showing off what you can expect from the 2D platformer.

Here’s the description:

Splasher is a 2D Platformer in which you are tasked with unleashing the power of paints to rescue the Splashers. These little fellows are trapped in their workplace, Inkorp, a giant paint factory ruled by a nut and evil boss : Le Docteur.

While water is your primary weapon to defeat weak enemies and activate mechanisms, paint is where your true powers come from. Thanks to the differing colors and their properties, you will be able to stick to walls and roofs, to bounce high in the air, to trick your opponents and do many more to reach Inkorp’s top levels … GET READY !

Splasher also includes a Time Attack mode where you can challenge your friends and compete for top spot on the leaderboards, as well as a dark mode where you turn evil and kill all the splashers yourself.

Splasher’s development is led by Romain Claude, who previously worked at Ubisoft as a Game Designer and Level Designer on games like Rayman Legends and Rayman Origins.

[Source: Splasher Game]