Kerbal Space Program Confirmed for July 12 Launch on PS4, New Trailer Shows Off Gameplay

Developer Squad has confirmed that Kerbal Space Program will be available on July 12 in North America for PlayStation 4.

“If you’re into space travel, flight simulators, or sandbox games, there’s no way you can miss this,” CEO Ezequiel Ayarza said. “Our physics-based space flight simulator is recognized for its realism and attention to detail, while keeping the gameplay experience fun and rewarding.”

With the gameplay focused around building spaceships, rockets, and vehicles so the Kerbals can go on space travel missions, the controls and gameplay of Kerbal Space Program for PS4 have been completely redesigned. “Flying your vessel has never been so fun in KSP — using the triggers and sticks on DualShock 4, you can have a more precise analog experience to make advanced maneuvers with your aircraft,” Ayarza added.

Here’s an overview of the three gameplay modes:

Sandbox, where you’re free to build anything your imagination can come up with; Science Mode lets you perform scientific experiments and advance the knowledge of Kerbals to unlock new technologies; and Career Mode, where you control every aspect of the space program, including crew management, reputation building, as well as embarking on side missions called “contracts” to earn funds and upgrade your space center facilities (or repair them).

A price (it’s $40 on Steam) wasn’t given for KSP on PS4. It also remains to be seen if it will launch in Europe on July 12 as well.

Kerbal Space Program is also coming to Xbox One this month, with a Wii U version to follow.

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