Katsuhiro Harada: No Tekken 7 Swimsuits in West Thanks to “SJWs”

Tekken 7 is already out in Japan, and with this game’s release includes swimsuit costumes for all of the fighters, men, women, and beast alike. As expected from a Tekken game, the costumes are over-the-top all around, regardless of gender or…animal. The game will release in the West in 2017, and a Tekken fan reached out to the series’ producer, Katsuhiro Harada, via Twitter and point blank asked if the US release would indeed have these swimsuits. Harada responded with, “Ask your country’s SJWs. HAHAHAHAHA.”

It didn’t take long for another fan to take offense to this tweet, whether it was in jest or not.

@itsJenSim this message is not for females.

But I’m sorry if you are sad.

I’ll delete that.

Harada may have deleted that tweet, but he said just two days prior that SJWs had a hand in censoring the swimsuit content from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Apparently Harada really believes that social justice warriors have prevented this type of content from making it over to the Western ports. However, CraveOnline writer Paul C. Tamburro notes that he wasn’t able to find any such outcries against the swimsuit DLC for Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Even more confusingly, Harada later tweets that perhaps the Tekken 7 swimsuits content will arrive as paid DLC. 

What’s really confusing about this statement is that the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 swimsuits were paid DLC. These SJWs weren’t picketing back then, so why the hemming and hawing now about DLC? Or was this all an elaborate ruse to make the blow of paid DLC more accepting?

Harada insists his deleted tweet was supposed to be a funny joke, but the more I read his Twitter feed, the more I have to wonder if this was his plan all along.

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