Top 5 Reasons Why We Want a PS Vita 2

Admit it or not, the PlayStation Vita hasn’t been as successful as Sony — and a lot of PlayStation fans — would have liked. One can put the blame on Sony for not supporting it enough, or it could be pointed to gamers as well for not buying enough of the things to warrant a more robust third-party support.

While not everyone here at PlayStation LifeStyle thinks a successor to the PlayStation Vita is needed, there’s still some staff members who would love to see another dedicated gaming handheld from Sony. And this is the topic of this Tuesday’s top five video! We list down the five reasons why we want to see a PS Vita 2 (yes, we know it won’t be called that, but cut us a break, will ya?!). 

Important to note that the stuff we mention in the video are actual doable things Sony can do. Does it guarantee that if Sony implements these that the PS Vita 2 will succeed? Nope, not really, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. And hey, it’s not like things can get any worse, right?

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