PSA: No Man’s Sky Servers Being Wiped Out on Sunday

If you’ve obtained an early copy of No Man’s Sky and have already started playing then you might want to note that Hello Games will be wiping its server out on Sunday. This news came straight from developer Harry Denholm on Twitter. When asked if the server reset will affect game saves, he said that only the “discovery online storage” will be reset so if you’ve been going around naming/discovering any planets, they won’t be visible anymore. Your actual progress should remain intact. Fair enough?

That said, Sony and Hello Games seem to be ticked off about the early copies and also seem a bit displeased with reviewers streaming the game early. We reported earlier that some publications including Polygon have already received review copies and have been streaming the game online. Polygon was subsequently served with a notice to take down the video. Over on Twitter, Director Sean Murray said:

If you are reviewing/playing our game without our update, on a leaked copy, then please don’t. It’s not what players will experience.

In other words, the companies want No Man’s Sky‘s day-one update to be applied before it’s streamed publicly. 

Hold your horses because the game’s out on August 9 for the PlayStation 4. Review embargo lifts at 9pm PT on August 8/12am ET August 9.

[Source: Harry Denholm (Twitter), PolygonSean Murray (Twitter)]