PS4 Beta folders

PS4 Update 4.00 Beta Underway, Includes Folders and 2-Step Authentication System

Word is flying all over the interwebs that Sony has launched a beta test for PlayStation 4 4.00 firmware, and those selected for the beta should have invitations in their email inboxes or will have them very soon. If you haven’t received an email for the US beta test just yet. the Wario64 Twitter account says you can find out if you are in the beta if you can access this part of the PlayStation Community forums.

Those who are in the 4.00 beta and are already playing around with the features have found a few important and significant changes to operating system. For starters, players can now create folders to lump together like games, series, apps, whatever. The maximum recording time for gameplay videos has also been increased to one hour.

While the folders and increased video recording times are nice, the big game changer lies in a new two-step authentication process for account security. In fact, this feature is already starting to roll out in some regions, whether you’re part of the beta or not. Australia and New Zealand have been the first to report this new verification feature on NeoGAF. Perhaps this means we won’t hear as often about organizations hacking into PSN accounts.

PSN 2-step authentication

Not sure why it has taken Sony this long to implement such an important feature for security, but at least we finally have it.

Have you gotten into the PS4 beta? If so, let us know in the comments any new features you have found!

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