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Sony TGS 2016 Press Conference Livestream

While we just had a PlayStation Meeting last week wherein the PS4 Pro was announced, Sony is back on stage once again and this time, it’s in Japan! Sony will take to the stage for its annual Tokyo Game Show press conference! 

Thankfully, there’s a livestream for it, and what’s more, it’s in English! Expect for Sony to talk about the PS4 Pro once again, maybe a PlayStation VR stage presentation, along with a slew of games as well.  The Sony TGS 2016 livestream for the press conference starts at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT., with the PlayStation LifeStyle crew doing our best to post the relevant stories as they’re announced.

Will megatons be dropped? We sure hope so. With Sony announcing that The Last Guardian’s release date is once again pushed back, maybe we’ll get a new gameplay trailer just to reassure fans that the game is still in existence. 

Stay tuned for PlayStation LifeStyle’s TGS 2016 coverage, with our own Heath Hindman on the show floor checking the latest games out. You can check out Sony’s official TGS lineup here.

What do you hope to see and hear at TGS? Let’s get this show started in the comments.

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