Report: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Will Have DLC

After announcing the release date for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue at the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix unveiled a new website for the game, which suggests the title will have DLC. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 includes a ported version of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS, a small episode of the aftermath of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and a movie version of the mobile game Kingdom Hearts X. Now it seems there will be some Kingdom Hearts 2.8 DLC as well.

If you visit the official KH 2.8 webpage, you’ll see a navigational link for the DLC. A NeoGAF forum user took a screenshot of the menu bar and circled the link.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 DLC

The link at this time does not work, and neither to the other navigational menu items except for the introduction to the title. Many fans hope that this is merely cosmetic DLC and not story mission DLC. I think the rioting would be justified if they were going to make fans pay even more for additional story DLC.

[Sources: Kingdom Hearts website via NeoGAF]