Cyberpunk 2077 info

Possible Cyberpunk 2077 Info Revealed From Grant Applications

CD Projekt RED applied for a few grants with GameINN, which is a program in Poland that strives to increase the competitiveness of the Polish gaming industry across the world market. The Witcher 3 developer is just one of many members of this program. These grants are for Cyberpunk 2077, their upcoming massive RPG, and what they hope to accomplish is not surprising considering what the studio has done in the past, but it does increase the hype surrounding this title.

One particular grant is for “a complex technology for creating a huge living city, playable in real time, which (the technology) is based on rules, AI, and automation, as well as supports innovative processes and tools for making top-notch open-world games.”

They applied for another grant regarding “Seamless Multiplayer.”

A complex technology for making unique multiplayer gameplay mechanics, including the ability to search out for opponents, manage game session, replicate objects, as well as support for different game modes along with a unique set of dedicated tools.

Other grant applications are for “Animation Excellence” and “Cinematic Feel.”

From these applications, it appears that CD Projekt RED wants to incorporate a “huge living city” that will be playable in real time and provides all of the tools and tricks they had with The Witcher 3‘s open-world game. They also may be looking at jump-in, jump-out multiplayer, in addition to high standards with animation quality as well as a cinematic presentation. The developer has done these well before with The Witcher 3, so it’s probably safe to say that it will be able to bring these qualities back tenfold to Cyberpunk 2077. However, it’s the multiplayer portion that is the most surprising. It’s crazy and yet very intriguing to consider how CD Projekt RED would implement multiplayer into one of their massive open-world games.

We’re still a long way from finding out anything. The studio has said 2017 for a release window, but it wouldn’t be a shock if it was pushed back to 2018 or even 2019.

[Source: Game Pressure]