Earth’s Dawn Releases on November 1 for PS4

The first title from Japanese developer Oneoreight Studios, side-scrolling action game Earth’s Dawn is releasing on November 1 in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4. Available through physical and digital stores, Amazon lists it at $29.99 USD.

Set in a future where alien invaders have destroyed much of the Earth, Earth’s Dawn sees you playing as an elite soldier who uses bionic alien implants to reclaim the planet. After creating your own unique character, and customizing their skills and crafting new weapons and equipments, you’ll use sword, gun, and advanced attacks to defeat the enemies.

Director Kuroki Takeshi said:

When you add dashing in between your attacks, then you’ll notice the game’s addictive nature. In some battles, players will have their combat skills graded. The more varied and exciting their combat approach, the higher the grade and reward. It’s fun starting with a few slash attacks, knocking the enemy up in the air, jumping into the air with more melee attacks, juggling them in the air with gunshots, and then maybe throw them in-midair to finish a combo. Our dev team is often competing to see who can get the highest number of hits in a combo as we are very competitive!

By leveling up, you’ll unlock access to more than 100 different skills that improve your abilities in offense, defense, speed, endurance, and more.

As the Amazon listing adds, the story changes based on the missions you undertake, and the Western version includes exclusive equipment and missions not seen in the original Japanese release (which was called Earth Wars).

Xbox One and PC versions of Earth’s Dawn are also expected in Q4 2016.

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