Sony Financials: PS4 Ships 3.9 Million Units, Bringing Lifetime Total to 47.4 Million

As part of their financial results released today for the second quarter of this fiscal year (July 1 to September 30), Sony revealed that 3.9 million PlayStation 4 systems were shipped, bringing the lifetime total to 47.4 million shipped. Compared to the previous quarter, PS4 shipments were down by 100,000 units.

In terms of PS4 systems sold through to consumers, we heard last month that they were “more than 40 million.”

Looking at the Game & Network Services division as a whole, sales decreased 11.3% year-on-year to 320 billion yen ($3.17 billion USD). Sony says this was “primarily due to the impact of foreign exchange rates and the impact of a price reduction for PlayStation 4 (PS4) hardware, partially offset by an increase in PS4 software sales including sales through the network.”

Operating income, meanwhile, fell 21% to 19 billion yen ($188 million USD) because of the PS4 price drop and a decrease in PS3 software sales, “partially offset by PS4 hardware cost reductions and the above-mentioned increase in PS4 software sales.”

Even with the slight drop in PS4 shipments last quarter, Sony still expects to ship 20 million units this fiscal year (ending March 31, 2017).

Although PlayStation VR launched after the quarter ended, Sony says sales “are on track.”

With PS4 Pro launching on November 10, how many PS4s do you think Sony will ship in this holiday quarter?

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