Dishonored 2 Performance “Takes a Dive” in Complex Areas, PS4 Pro Also Subject to Frame-Rate Drops

November 26, 2016Written by Mack Ashworth

Dishonored 2 555x328

Upon first playing Dishonored 2, it’s clear that something isn’t quite right with the performance. As discovered by Digital Foundry, all versions of the game use dynamic resolution scaling, altering the outputted res in order to maintain a stable frame-rate. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work all that well, with performance “taking a dive” in more complex areas and when engaging in combat. During the analysis, dips down to 19fps can be spotted. In less demanding areas, “the consoles do manage to hit the target frame-rate rather well” and “gameplay feels smooth and consistent here, and the experience is generally very stable.”

Compared to the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 manages to run at a higher resolution, while outputting at a higher frame-rate. Overall, it’s a “sharper presentation on PlayStation 4.”

PS4 Pro owners hoping that the superior hardware will power through and fix Dishonored 2‘s problems will be a tad disappointed. Though the frame-rate is generally higher, meaning less stutter, drops are still common. Resolution has gotten a bump up to 1440p, which should please the pixel peepers amongst us, but those hoping for smooth gameplay won’t be happy. Also, if you’ve got a PS4 Pro hooked up to a 1080p monitor, you will not enjoy the usual super-sampling advantage.

You can watch the fully analysis below.

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