Rocksteady Currently Has No Plans for Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Pro Patch

During a Reddit AMA session, Batman: Arkham series creator and Rocksteady Studios’ Creative Director, Sefton Hill, revealed that the developer currently has no plans to release a PlayStation 4 Pro patch for Arkham Knight. When one user asked if the 2015 title will be getting a treatment similar to Return to Arkham, Hill wrote:

Unfortunately we are not planning a patch for PS4 at this time. I know that’s not what you want to hear but better to be honest. We did release a patch for Arkham VR to support the Pro, which is a nice piece of tech.

He went on to say that he looks forward to using the console with his new 4K TV.

Elsewhere, Hill said that Rocksteady is “hard at work” on its next game, which he can’t wait to reveal. The comment in particularly interesting to note because just back in late September, Rocksteady said that it has no idea what it’s working on next but has “time and space” to decide. Looks like they’ve already decided and then some!

[Source: Reddit]