Here’s Hitman’s January Content Schedule

January 5, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan


With Hitman: The Complete First Season disc coming to retail later this month, IO Interactive has shared the game’s January content schedule on Twitter. Here’s what’s in store for the next four weeks:

WEEK 1 (Jan 2-8)

  • Escalation Contract in Marrakesh

WEEK 2 (Jan 9-15)

  • Elusive Target #18 in Colorado

WEEK 3 (Jan 16-22)

  • Escalation Contract in Paris

WEEK 4 (Jan 23-29)

  • Elusive Target #19 in Paris
  • 10 new Featured Contracts

WEEK 5 (Jan 30-Feb 5)

  • January game update
  • Bonus Episode, Inc. ‘Landslide Mission’
  • Escalation Contract in Colorado

The aforementioned dates specify the weeks during which the content is released, not the exact release dates.

As for the retail disc, it’ll be out on January 31 and includes all of the Season One episodes (the Prologue, France, Italy, Morocco, Thailand, USA, and Japan), Challenges, Opportunities, Escalation Contracts, Contracts, and Elusive Targets alongside the following bonus DLC:

  • 3 Bonus Missions Pack which includes The Icon and A House Built on Sand missions, plus the brand new upcoming Landslide mission
  • Official Soundtrack featuring the original game score
  • The ‘making of’ Hitman documentary charting the journey from showing the game to our fans for the first time before E3 2015, through to the digital launch in 2016
  • Hitman Requiem Blood Money Pack which includes the signature Blood Money white suit, white rubber duck and chrome ICA pistol
  • The PS4 version includes the 6 additional exclusive The Sarajevo Six contracts