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Resident Evil Movie Franchise About to Reach $1 Billion

By the time this weekend is over, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will have pushed the movie franchise past $1 billion globally – a milestone no other video game series has ever achieved. According to Deadline, The Final Chapter opened at no.1 in Japan last month, and has already grossed $35 million in the country. As it releases in more territories, it’ll rake in enough to push past the billion mark.

Josh Greenstein, Sony’s President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution, has said:

Resident Evil is an event film internationally… It’s been five years since the last film, and the global fanbase has been eagerly anticipating its return. Screen Gems has created the highest-grossing video game-based franchise of all time. We look forward to a strong rollout.

Deadline also reports that The Final Chapter is either matching or exceeding opening weekend sales in quite a lot of countries including Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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