Party Platformer Ultimate Chicken Horse Comes to PS4 Later This Year

Developer Clever Endeavour Games announced today that they are bringing their party game Ultimate Chicken Horse to consoles. Expected to release in Q3 2017, the party platformer has players creating their own death trap stages that they have to get through without dying. The game released March 4, 2016 on PC, and was lauded as one of the best local multiplayer experiences on PC.

“Ultimate Chicken Horse’s hilarious and competitive multiplayer has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of PC gamers,” said Clever Endeavour Gaames’ CEO Richard Atlas. “So coming  to consoles and allowing everyone to enjoy the experience from the comfort of their couch was an easy decision.”

The game will feature three main modes: Party, Free Play, and Couch Hot Seat Mode. Party mode is the default, and has up to four players placing down obstacles that they’ll later have to avoid. Free Play will introduce the ability to allow players to play on already created levels (that can also be shared online), thus letting players focus strictly on the platforming aspect. That feature is currently unavailable in the PC version, but the game will be updated once Ultimate Chicken Horse releases on consoles in order to maintain parity across platforms. Finally, the Couch Hot Seat Mode turns the game into a turn-based affair for those that don’t have multiple controllers but want to play multiplayer.

Ultimate Chicken Horse is set to unleash its unique brand of multiplayer mayhem when it releases in Q3 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.