Call of Duty Anti-Cheat Ricochet

Call of Duty Anti-Cheat Now Detects Malicious Third-Party Hardware on PS5, PS4

Activision’s Team Ricochet has upgraded the Call of Duty anti-cheat system. The team has created and tested a way to detect whether players are using third-party devices to cheat in Call of Duty multiplayer, using specific controllers on PC and consoles including PS5 and PS4 that give them an unfair gameplay advantage. This new detection system has now been deployed globally on all platforms.

CoD cheaters will be warned if they are using controllers improperly

In its latest official blog, Team Ricochet understandably does not share a list of which controllers it finds to give cheaters an unfair advantage. That said, CharlieINTEL on Twitter suspects that this will especially target Cronus Zen controllers for both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Players who use these third-party hardware devices improperly in the game will be given multiple warnings through the notifications tab. Continued use will lead to suspensions, bans, and mitigations, which as previously reported includes giving non-cheaters god mode, making them invisible to cheating players, and disarming cheaters of their weapons.

Additionally, Team Ricochet will be going after account boosting, intentional game glitching, and player griefing. The game will send warnings to players if their account has been reported for unsportmanslike behavior.

The team has also announced that it will automatically capture and store all match data of potential cheaters and of matches in the highest tiers of ranked play. This will make it easier to identify and investigate cheaters, and hopefully make the leaderboards more legitimate than before.