Report: Artwork From Sony Santa Monica’s Cancelled Game Surfaces Online

Back in February 2014, we reported that a new PlayStation 4 IP in development at Sony Santa Monica studio had been cancelled, which resulted in a round of layoffs. We later got some information about the canned title via former Lead Level Designer Jonathan Hawkin’s LinkedIn profile, which suggested that it was an open-world game. Now, it appears that some artwork has surfaced online purportedly from the same project.

The images were first brought to light by Nerdleaks earlier this week, who came across a former Santa Monica employee’s portfolio containing art from an “unannounced” PS4 title that he specifically mentions was cancelled. However, the portfolio seems to have been removed since the story broke. But thanks to NeoGAF and Eurogamer, we’ve found the gallery backed up on Imgur. We’ve uploaded the images on to our site in case they’re removed again so without further ado, flip through the gallery below or proceed to the source links at the bottom.

What do our readers make of this?

[Source: Nerdleaks, Imgur via NeoGAF, Eurogamer]