Darknet PSVR Game Giveaway!

It’s time once again for another game giveaway here on PlayStation LifeStyle! This time, we’re giving those with a PlayStation VR a chance to win a new game for their peripheral, as we’re giving away hacking game, Darknet!

How to win one of our five (5) Darknet PSVR codes? Super simple! All you have to do is leave a comment telling us what website, place, etc. would you want to hack and why. Best answer will get a US (R1) code emailed to them over the weekend. Got that? Good.

If you’re not familiar with Darknet, it’s a hacking game developed by one-man army E McNeill that was previously released for other VR platforms. You can check out our review where we give it an 8/10 and mention, “Darknet isn’t the flashy PlayStation VR game that you’ll show to friends, but it’s absolutely one of the best games available for the headset. The puzzles are consistently challenging, and battling against the clock makes for an intense affair. The experience is really brought together by the inclusion of an interesting game world, that kept me interested enough to continue playing well after the freshness had worn off.”

Stay tuned for more game giveaways here on PlayStation LifeStyle!