Here’s 18 Minutes of Drawn to Death Gameplay

Featuring commentary from David Jaffe, the latest video from PlayStation Underground offers up 18 minutes of gameplay from upcoming multiplayer shooter Drawn to Death. You can also get a look at the taunts and Mystery Boxes beginning at 23:00.

“It’s very long,” Jaffe said about the time to kill in Drawn to Death. “This is also a bit of an older build from what’s going to launch [on April 4], in that we’ve actually gone in and toned down some of the weapons even a little more, because we do want players to survive long enough that they can go get help, that they can turn the tables, that they can change tactics.”

Post-launch plans for Drawn to Death haven’t been solidified yet (paid and free DLC is likely), but in a recent interview with Glixel, Jaffe said he hopes the game does well enough to be supported until at least December. “I just want one Christmas,” he said. “We have such great Christmas ideas.”

Drawn to Death releases on April 4 for PlayStation 4, and it will be included in the April 2017 PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. You can see the Trophy list over here.

[Source: PlayStation Underground, Glixel]