Tethered Update Removes PSVR Requirement, Adds 4K PS4 Pro Support

With today’s new Tethered update, developer Secret Sorcery has removed the PlayStation VR requirement, making the strategy game playable for everyone with a PlayStation 4.

Secret Sorcery’s Scott Kirkland said:

Building upon our March update – which introduced PlayStation Move support and a raft of dazzling visual enhancements for Playstation 4 Pro – Tethered really shines in 4K!

By removing the requirement for a VR headset, we’re fulfilling the promise that we made to ourselves and fans in terms of opening up Tethered to more players. Now ALL Playstation 4 gamers can enjoy this magical sky-borne island world that we’ve so lovingly created.

Along with 4K/60fps support on PS4 Pro (only in Untethered mode), the new update also includes two new control methods, the ability to skip the tutorial, dusk and dawn checkpoint style save, and slow-motion and fast-forward features.

As the PlayStation Store listing now says, “Explore the dazzling beauty of Tethered in stunning 2D on PlayStation 4 or immersive VR with PlayStation VR. PlayStation 4 Pro console enables game resolution output at native 2160p resolution and enhances VR mode with improved clarity, special effects, and smoother visuals.

Tethered is priced at $24.99 USD/£18.99 regularly. In Europe, you can grab it for 39% off until April 26.

[Source: PlayStation Store]