Star Wars Battlefront II Campaign “Is a Continuous Story,” Doesn’t Have Separate War Stories Like Battlefield 1

Discussing Star Wars Battlefront II with Eurogamer recently, Single-Player Game Director Mark Thompson revealed that the campaign is a continuous story, and won’t have separate War Stories like Battlefield 1:

Without getting into too much detail that I will get in trouble for… We take all of our cues from how to tell a Star Wars story working with Lucasfilm story group, analyzing the movies, breaking down the beats and flow of Star Wars storytelling. So yeah, it is a continuous story with a beginning, middle, and end and you follow Iden’s journey for 30 years from the end of Jedi up to the Force Awakens at Starkiller base. It isn’t a discrete set of missions or separate War Stories like Battlefield 1, you do follow Iden through this journey whilst from time to time, switching sides and playing from the perspective of one of the iconic heroes because again that’s just part of Battlefront’s DNA. Sometimes you’re a Trooper, sometimes you’re a pilot, and sometimes you’re Luke Skywalker with a lightsaber.

The story in Battlefront II is canon, and Lucasfilm Creative Executive Steve Blank explained exactly what that means:

[…] it is 100 per cent authentic to the Star Wars stories that we’re telling, all the new work that we’re doing, all the new novels and comics like we mentioned the integration of Shattered Empire and that Messenger figure. This is now part of the lore, this is now an authentic and established part of those Star Wars stories and that Galaxy.

Thompson, Blank, and Criterion’s Matt Webster were also asked about Galactic Conquest mode possibly returning in Battlefront II. “That’ll be one that we’ll leave for another day,” Webster said, before adding that “there’s lots of voices asking for lots of different things.”

Eurogamer asked Webster if Rogue One or Star Wars Rebels would be featured in multiplayer, and he replied, “We are covering prequel trilogies, original trilogy, and new trilogy so those will be the locations that we’ll have fun in.”

As for whether we’ll see Jar Jar Binks in Battlefront II, Blank said, “Only time will tell!” Thompson gave the same answer when the topic of original cast members possibly providing voices for the Heroes came up.

If you’re hoping for another VR mission with Battlefront II, Webster said, “We are not talking about VR at the moment for Battlefront II. That’s a story for another day.”

Expect more details on Star Wars Battlefront II “around EA Play” this June.

According to the PlayStation Store, the digital version of Battlefront II will be at least 50GB.

Star Wars Battlefront II releases on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. By pre-ordering the $79.99 USD Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition, you’ll receive early access on November 14.

[Source: Eurogamer, PlayStation Store]