DICE Veterans and Co-Founder Unveil New Studio Called Fall Damage

Four DICE veterans including one of the studio’s original co-founders, Markus Nyström, have unveiled their new studio in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. Called Fall Damage, it’s led by CEO Anders Gyllenberg, whose previous experience includes leading Battlefield development teams.

Fall Damage developers have extensive experience in AAA games, ranging from Star Wars Battlefront to last year’s Battlefield 1. “We want everyone at our studio to be involved in the games we create, it’s not until then we get the opportunity to channel all of our passion into our creations,” said Nyström in a press release. “The player experience matters the most to us. Not the hardware, platform or cutting-edge tech.”

Gyllenberg added that Fall Damage is the team’s “opportunity to build something from the ground up.” He said that after working on “massive productions” in “enormous teams,” he and the studio’s other founding members desired to create something of their own.

You can check out the studio’s official website here.