Galaxy Golf Comes to PlayStation VR on May 9 as Moonshot Galaxy

A “VR game like no other” from Big Fish Games and Liftoff Labs, Moonshot Galaxy is coming to PlayStation VR on May 9 in North America for $9.99 USD. It’s already available on other VR platforms under the name Galaxy Golf.

Liftoff Labs explained that the name change is because Moonshot Galaxy is more of a physic sim/puzzler, rather than a golf game in space:

We also listened to a lot of feedback about the name of the game and felt it was time to change it up, because it’s not exactly “golf in space” but more of a physics sim/puzzler. You’re playing on mini planets and trying to sink your ball in as few shots as possible, like golf, but it’s pretty different from anything else you’ve probably played. And although there are no clubs, it’s perfect for VR with motion controls.

Liftoff Labs estimates that it will take 60 – 90 minutes to play through all four courses (each course has nine holes) on your first try. There’s also leaderboards and a Platinum Trophy to keep you coming back.

Asked about the more expensive price of Moonshot Galaxy on PSVR, Liftoff Labs said they launched at $4.99 on other platforms because they were an unproven studio and had a game with a small amount of content. Since then though, they created two more courses, which will be available with the PSVR version.

Liftoff Labs also pointed to higher development costs on PSVR as a reason for the raised price tag:

We’ve spent the last 5 months building 2 new, MUCH more complex and interesting courses, which we’re shipping with on PSVR. We’re pretty much stuck at the same price on those platforms (it’s not cool to raise it even if we’re re-releasing with all new content).

It’s also quite a bit more costly to do PSVR development because the development hardware is expensive, passing Sony certification is labor intensive (we hired an outside QA company to help us through the process), and optimizing the game for PS4 just takes more development time, which is also costly. So we’ve got to have a higher price because we’re trying to stay in business and keep making cool VR games.

While Moonshot Galaxy is compatible with the DualShock 4 (you spin the planet around with the analog stick, press X to start aiming, and then look where you want to shoot), Liftoff Labs recommends using PlayStation Move.

Up next, Liftoff Labs will look at a European release for Moonshot Galaxy.

[Source: Reddit]