Dreamfall Chapters Developer on PS4 Pro and Scorpio: It’s the Games That Matter

Red Thread Games, whose most recent release is Dreamfall Chapters for consoles and PC, believes that Project Scorpio‘s power won’t matter more than the lineup it brings. In an interview with Wccftech, studio founder Ragnar Tørnquist was asked his opinion on Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro facing competition from the upcoming Scorpio, to which he said:

Well, the PS4 Pro is here now. You can buy it and play some really amazing games on it. Scorpio’s not arriving until the end of the year and will, according to reports, be a more powerful platform — but at the end of the day, it’s the games that matter, and us gamers win regardless of which platform is ‘better’.

Although Scorpio’s specs are higher than PS4 Pro’s, Tørnquist’s comment only echoes what many have already said about Xbox’s existing lineup.

All eyes are now on Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference, when the company is expected to unveil upcoming titles.

[Source: Wccftech]