Need for Speed 2017 Includes Offline Single-Player, Ability to Pause the Game

While they didn’t confirm the official title for Need for Speed 2017 today, developer Ghost Games did offer up some gameplay details, revealing that there will be an offline single-player experience and you’ll be able to pause the game.

Here’s what they had to say about the previous Need for Speed being always-online:

To say that this is a topic you’re passionate about would be an understatement, and whenever there’s a topic that gathers as much attention and feedback from you as this did, we take note.

So, when release day rolls around for the next Need for Speed, you will be able to play through a single player experience completely offline. Before you ask, and we know you will, this does mean you will be able to pause the game.

Ghost Games also touched on a few other points, including customization. “Rest assured that we’re committed to customization having a home within the Need for Speed series,” they said. “It’s not going away and it will play as strong a role as ever as we move forward into the next game and beyond.”

Need for Speed 2017 will also include cops, and will allow you to “tear up the tarmac, and dirt, to your heart’s content.” They later added, “Burn rubber as you throw a car around a corner sideways and floor it as you hit an epic jump away from the cops. We’re building the world, but what you do in it is the aspect that excites us most.”

Need for Speed 2017 is releasing “by the end of 2017,” and you can expect more news between now and EA Play next month.

[Source: Need for Speed]