Tekken 7 Official Opening Cinematic Released, Showcases Mishima Feud

The official opening cinematic for the upcoming release of Tekken 7 has been released, giving us a better idea of the story the new game will tell.

The opening cinematic focuses on the history of the franchise’s foundational Mishima feud, the long-standing fight between the family’s current patriarch Heihachi Mishima and his son Kazuya Mishima. The video also shows Kazuya’s son, Jin Kazama, and makes mention of their struggle with the Devil curse.

The opening cinematic also features Akuma of Street Fighter fame, the iconic character made his debut in the Fated Retribution expansion of the arcade release of Tekken 7. Several of the game’s other characters are also shown in the video.

The video finally concludes with a battle between Heihachi and Kazuya atop a raging volcano, a similar scene was shown in the opening cinematic of Tekken 7 when it first came out in arcades in Japan back in 2015.

Tekken 7 is scheduled to come out on the PlayStation 4 and other platforms next week on June 2, 2017. Check out our preview here.