For Honor Version 1.08 Releases Next Week for Consoles, Read the Patch Notes

The second season of For Honor went live last month with new heroes and maps, but it wasn’t without some problems of its own. Those have now been addressed in the latest update, version 1.08, which is live now on PC and will be coming “next week” to consoles due to the certification process. This comes with a ton of tweaks to character balance, and now the game will finally punish players that quit mid-match.

As far as fighters go, the Centurion was impacted the most. Now the warrior’s Eagle Talon move can’t be cancelled instantly by triggering Revenge. Players were doing this in order to guarantee a second use of the Eagle Talon. There’s now a small 1100ms delay that’ll make getting two uses harder to do (but still possible). Other adjustments include tweaks to Shinobi, Kensei, and Peacekeeper.

Here’s how the game is handling online quitters via the complete patch notes on Reddit:

Developer comments: We are now able to activate the Quit Penalty feature during matches. When activated, players leaving the session will receive a penalty. This will reduce the amount of Rage Quitting during matches and improve the overall quality of match experience. The feature is included in this TU but will only be activated at a later date.

Further details:

  • The player will receive a warning message about the penalty before quitting the match
  • If the player proceeds to Quit (via the in game menu or Alt+F4) they will receive a 10 minute matchmaking penalty
  • This penalty is also applicable to all group members if their leader leaves
  • There is a 30 second grace window (duration is adjustable) at match start to account for incomplete groups/matchmaking issues
  • The quit penalty only applies to games played through matchmaking

A bunch of other small changes also occured. These include bug fixes for maps (for example, the player will no longer do the ladder climb animation without reaching for the ladder first), and fixes several issues with player progression. Finally, players will once again be rewarded for playing against AI, and the “A Reservist” trophy now works.

(Source: Reddit)