Dragon Ball FighterZ Will Be Accessible for Casual Fans and Newcomers, Says Producer

Dragon Ball FighterZ will have something for everyone upon release including casual fans and newcomers. That’s according to producer Tomoko Hiroki who told Game Informer in a recent interview that she wants the series’ casual fans to “realize how fun a genuine fighting game can be.”

We’ve actually focused on making it accessible for those casual fans as well. One of our big goals is to have those Dragon Ball casual fans realize how fun a genuine fighting game can be through this game. And we want eventually, those guys, to become actual fighting game users. So that’s where this project all began. So, we’re constantly thinking about satisfying obviously the core fighting game audience, but also Dragon Ball fans well.

When asked about the shift from 3D to 2D, Hiroki said that 2D games are “very hype” right now in the eSports realm and since Bandai Namco wants to appeal to core fighting game fans as well, that’s the direction it took. She further said:

This time around, we’re focused on this highly animated expression, and so we wanted to combine 2D and 3D. So the game looks 2D, but the characters are based on a 3D model, so that you can change the angle of the camera and reproduce the famous scenes of Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball FigherZ is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with a release window of early 2018. In the meantime, you can check out our E3 2017 preview here.

[Source: Game Informer]