Rainbow Six: The Siege Operation Blood Orchid Update Coming Soon

Ubisoft has announced today that the latest update to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: The Siege, titled Operation Blood Orchid, will release August 29 for the PlayStation 4. The update will include a new free map and three new operators. More information on this new update will be revealed during the Pro League finals at Gamescom on August 26.

Speaking of the Pro League, Ubisoft gives us more information about the Gamescom tournament:

On August 25th and 26th, the eight best teams from Europe, North America and Latin America will compete for the Year 2 Season 2 Pro League Champion title in the ESL Arena at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

With a $237,500 total prize pool on the line and two days of live showcases revealing, new content, developer and community panels as well as the first live demo of the new Blood Orchid map, this season final promises to be thrilling.

If you want to sate your interest about Rainbow Six: The Siege, make sure to read our review!  Here’s an excerpt;

One thing that remained consistent throughout the game, through no real action on the developer’s part, is that players actually worked as a team. I think this boils down to the fact that only a particular type of gamer buys Rainbow Six games. Just mentioning Rainbow Six to hardcore Call of Duty “bros” will likely cause them to roll their eyes, because it just isn’t their thing. Although my hours with the game don’t number in the hundreds yet, I didn’t encounter gaming trolls. Most players didn’t have headsets, though, which probably helped to mitigate that. Yet, those that did used it sparingly, mostly for tactics. There was the very occasional tea-bagging, but that was definitely a rare occurrence. It seems that Rainbow Six gamers are a more mature bunch, and for that I applaud you all.

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