Newest Twin-Stick Game JYDGE Release Date Set For Early October

After the announcement that their game Time Recoil is headed to the PlayStation 4 next week, 10tons also dropped the news that another twin-stick shooter from the team, JYDGE, is headed to the PlayStation 4 on October 3 for $14.99.

10tons described the game as the opposite of their last venture into the twin-stick genre, Neon Chrome. Where Neon Chrome was all about its procedurally generated worlds, JYDGE features all handcrafted levels with multiple missions placed throughout. The game also touts “a crazy amount of character customization to give the player the tools to complete each and every one,” according to CEO Tero Alatalo.

The complete feature list for JYDGE is listed below, along with a brief synopsis of the game:

JYDGE is a top-down twin stick shooter game where the player gets to build his/her cybernetic JYDGE and eradicate crime in the never-sleeping megacity of Edenbyrg. Playstyle varies greatly according to the selected JYDGE augmentations, Gavel rifle modifications, and companion drones. Likewise, missions vary from eradicating everyone to rescuing hostages to completing main mission in 15 seconds to avoiding all property damage. JYDGE is all about player customization and dozens upon dozens of specific mini missions.


  • Choose your cybernetics, items, mods, and companions from over a BILLION different configurations. You be the JYDGE!

  • Deal ruthless Jystice with your Gavel. Fire lead, rockets, lasers, electricity, and other deadly tools of the law.

  • Find creative solutions to get extra medals for your heroic performance and unlock new equipment.

  • Break, enter, and confiscate as you please with vastly destructible environment.

  • Team up with your CO-JYDGE for local co-op.

JYDGE releases for PlayStation 4 on October 3 and will cost players $14.99.

[Source: GamesPress]