Code Vein Video Shows Off Drain Attacks and the Importance of Sucking Blood

September 11, 2017Written by Elizabeth Henges

code vein gameplay

Yoichi Yoda and Yuta Yamamoto have given more information on their upcoming RPG title, Code Vein. Specifically, they reveal a lot about how blood sucking will work in an IGN First video, speaking about the different Blood Veils and how drain attacks will work. They also talk about how using drain attacks will be beneficial to the player, and since they are difficult to pull off, how risking a drain attack will be worth the reward.

Here is the IGN First video, explaining how Blood Veils work and the benefits of landing drain attacks:

There’s a couple really interesting things to note from this video. First off, it’ll be difficult to land drain attacks (which allows characters to suck the blood of their enemies)–it’s a slow attack that’s easy to dodge, or typically players will have to time the attack correctly in a one-on-one scenario in order to land the attack.

Second is that if you land a drain attack, you won’t actually recover HP, as many games that feature similar mechanics usually do. Instead, Code Vein bucks that trend and instead has drained blood fuel Gifts, which are special magical attacks. Using drain attacks can be difficult and risky, but in this case the risk is worth the reward.

Code Vein releases in 2018 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Make sure to check out the rest of our news about Code Vein, including some new gameplay segments, the reveal of two new characters, and much more.

[Source: IGN First]