Code Vein Season Pass DLC Will Start Rolling Out in 2020, Free Update Slated for December

Details concerning the Season Pass content for Code Vein originally hit the web in June 2018. Now, months after the game’s launch, new information has finally emerged. The Season Pass, which is currently available for $24.99, will include three separate DLC releases, all slated to arrive on unspecified dates in early 2020. In addition, Bandai Namco plans to unleash a free update in December 2019, which will treat Code Vein players to Christmas-inspired extras.

According to details shared by Bandai Namco on Twitter, the three DLCs releasing in early 2020 will debut new bosses, story content, stages, NPC costumes, and weapons. The publisher’s tweet appears below:

While Bandai Namco’s post teases the December content, a separate tweet from Code Vein’s official account offers a few more details. Notably, the free update will include Christmas accessories, new dance emotes, and a new set of poses. Apart from the December launch window, the company has yet to specify when the upcoming free content will go live.

Code Vein is in stores now for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. Our review of the experience, wherein it received an 8 out of 10, applauded Code Vein’s character creator, the personalities of NPCs, and the combat system.

[Source: Bandai Namco and Code Vein on Twitter]