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Watch Swery Shave a Monkey in The Good Life’s Latest Trailer

Swery is currently raising money for its creation The Good Life on Fig, and there’s a new video to check out for this interesting title. This time we get a motion capture testing video starring Swery. You get to enjoy seeing the eccentric developer doing a few motion capture poses for the game. Yes, the video is as entertaining as you expect it to be.

Definitely give it a watch below:

Interested in The Good Life? Learn a bit more from the Fig campaign page:

Journey to Rainy Woods… a small town in Northern England surrounded by forests. Nestled in abundant nature, stone houses built in the Middle Ages still stand beside one another. The townspeople look out for each other, love their families, work hard, and enjoy nightly drinks at the local pubs.

At first glance, it looks like just another normal country town, but the townspeople all say the same thing…

“This is the happiest town in the world.”

“We’re the happiest people on the planet.”

They don’t talk about why they are so happy, or how they know that they’re the happiest in the world, but they seem to really believe what they say.

Rainy Woods has a big secret… At night, all the villagers turn into cats.

Why do they turn into cats? Not even they know the reason… For when morning comes, they lose all memories of their feline adventures. What in the world could be causing all of this?

Are these cat transformations connected to the reason why Rainy Woods is known as the happiest town in the world?

Questions are only met with more questions…

The Good Life is, again, currently running a Fig campaign, and is at 15% of its 1.5 million dollar goal. If you want to pledge, you have about a month left to do so!

[Source: Fig]