More Information on the Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP Beta Revealed

September 15, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

Ghost Recon Wildlands pvp beta

The beta for Ghost Recon Wildlands new player-vs-player mode Ghost War is coming next week, running from September 21-25. To get us ready for the PvP mayhem, Ubisoft has detailed some of what we can expect from the beta, including the modes maps and some strategies for players.

Over at the PlayStation Blog, Chris Watters – the communications specialists for UbiBlog – revealed that the beta will feature two maps, Deforestation and Desert Outpost, and six available character classes – Pointman, Tank, Scout, Artillery, Support, and Marksman – that fit into three different categories. Those categories, Assault, Support, Marksman, are detailed below by Ubisoft:

Assault: Assault classes are frontline attackers, boasting abilities that promote aggressive gameplay. They can engage the enemy effectively from medium to long range, and their main goal is hunting them down and securing areas. Either “guns-blazing” or stealthy approaches are viable Assault class strategies.

Support: Equipped with drones, the Support classes provide teammates with intel on enemy position and movement. They are equipped for medium- to short-range combat, so a more cautious approach is recommended. They can provide cover fire or keep an eye out for flanking enemies.

Marksman: While some classes in this category are more versatile in terms of combat tactics, marksmen focus on long-range combat and enemy suppression. High ground or spots with a clear view over the battlefield give marksmen an advantage over other classes. Most of them are at a disadvantage at short range, so they should stay in cover while maneuvering to strategic positions.