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Atmospheric Maze Game Expand is Coming to the PS4 this October

If you’re looking for a zen-like experience on the PlayStation 4, you will soon be getting one with the upcoming Expand. Set to release October 3, Expand has you navigating mazes that twist and turn, and attempt to disorient and confuse you. Expand is coming to the PS4 thanks to Ukiyo Publishing, a well-known indie publishing company.

Here’s the tweet from one of two creators, Chris Johnson, revealing the release date:

And a bit more about Expand itself, via the game’s Steam page:

Expand is a meditative video game in which you explore a circular labyrinth that constantly twists, stretches and expands around you.

Expand is a 2D indie minimalist game in which you guide a pink square through a circular labyrinth that constantly rotates, unfolds and expands around you. Navigate through a world that can easily lift as well as harm you, keeping you disorientated and unfamiliar in your surroundings.

A world set in five stages, Expand offers an atmospheric experience of exploration, discovery and introspection through gameplay and compelling soundtrack designed to immerse you deeply into its allegorical themes.

Expand will be hitting the PlayStation 4 on October 3. Will you be picking this atmospheric, zen-like maze title up?

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