Capcom Teases Mega Man Announcements for December

At last weekend’s Tokyo Game Show, there was a special 30th anniversary event for the ever popular Mega Man series. At it, we have been teased for a brand new Mega Man anniversary collection.

Speaking at the event, Kazuhiro Tsuchiya – the producer on Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 – was the closing speaker at the Tokyo Game Show event, and promised to fans that they hadn’t forgotten about the beloved series:

“I want to say that Capcom has not forgotten about Rockman. This (30th anniversary logo) here is being put to good use. Rockman’s 30th anniversary is coming in December – December, please remember that date!

On behalf of Ucchy and everyone here, we are looking forward to it very much and hope you are as well. We are deeply pleased to be able to share this with all the fans who have made this possible. Thank you for all of your support, up til now, and in the future.”

Tsuchiya’s statement is a fairly hopeful one, though it is extremely vague. On the one hand, it seems like he understands the community’s general anger that Capcom hasn’t done much with one of its most popular franchises and promises that they haven’t forgotten, but on the other hand, nothing was officially announced despite it being such a big anniversary for the series.

Regardless, it seems like Capcom is planning something for December, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for any information.

[Source: Rockman Corner]