Shadow of the Colossus Remake Gets Mature Rating in Australia

The Australian Classification Board has released its rating for the upcoming Shadow of the Colossus remake for the PlayStation 4, and as was the case for the previous game in Australia, the remake is also receiving a Mature classification.

According to the board’s website, the game’s themes warrant a “mild impact” rating, while the violence found within gets a “moderate impact.” This is apparently enough to warrant a Mature classification.

While this isn’t a shake up in the Australian community, it is a change of pace from the American rating, as the ESRB has continually given Shadow of the Colossus a “T” for Teen rating due to the Blood and Fantasy Violence found within.

In case you missed it, make sure to check out the latest trailer for the upcoming remake, which debuted at this years Tokyo Game Show, below:

Recently at the Gamelab conference in Barcelona, Fumito Ueda spoke to Eurogamer about his involvement in the game, and how he would like to see some improvements, but was unsure about the thought of changing the structure of 16 boss fights. “In this game there are 16 enemies and there’s a story about 16 enemies,” he said when asked about the remake adding in boss fights that were cut from the original. “I don’t think about changing this history. It’s finished with 16 enemies. It’s OK.”

Bluepoint’s Shadow of the Colossus remake is set to release exclusively on PlayStation 4 in 2018.

[Source: Australia Classification Board]