Sci-Fi Puzzler ECHO Releases This Week on PlayStation Network

Ultra Ultra’s sci-fi puzzle game ECHO is hitting the PlayStation Store this week. However, it’s not releasing Tuesday, as most games tend to, but instead on Wednesday, October 11. That’s a good way to make sure ECHO doesn’t get lost in the shuffle!

Ultra Ultra has a gameplay trailer for ECHO, to help understand what you’ll be doing in this puzzler title:

The director of ECHO also shares some additional information on the PlayStation.Blog:

So, what is ECHO? What’s will all of these clones?! Good question! ECHO is a sci-fi action puzzle game in which the biggest threat to your safety is yourself! You are En (voiced by Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie), a callow space traveler who awakes after a century in stasis and quickly forms a love-hate relationship with London (Nick Boulton, Dragon Age, Mass Effect), a sentient starship who has been carrying her through the galaxy. Yes, we have a self-aware spaceship in our game!

Now deep in space, the unlikely allies discover a bizarre structure known only as The Palace, an imposing and seemingly infinite structure, filled with weird and mysterious technology. Shortly after you arrive, The Palace unleashes its defences to prevent you from uncovering its dark secrets, and it’s here where ECHO really starts to get crazy!

The Palace studies everything En does and creates ‘Echoes’; identical in appearance and, at first, seemingly unthreatening, until you get too close! The Echoes begin to learn that everything you do, they can do, too, and they will not hesitate to use your own tactics against you in order to purge The Palace of your presence.

There’s more to read at the PlayStation.Blog.

ECHO will release October 11 on PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]