Friday the 13th Update 1.14 Out Now, Leaks New Character (Update)

Update: Fox has been officially announced as a new counselor.

Friday the 13th: The Game got a new patch today, but something’s not quite right with the PS4’s patch notes for the new update! Version 1.14 adds a new counselor to the game, Mitch Floyd. However, the PS4’s update history as another name listed–Fox, a character from Friday the 13th Part III. Fox was a villain in the film and has not been announced yet, so it seems like there was a small leak in the notes! It remains to be seen if she’ll be a counselor of some sorts, or have a different function. Thanks to users on Reddit for pointing this out.

While we’re at it, though, here are some of the new features from update 1.14:


  • The Rain feature is now available and players may have a chance to encounter this new weather in any of the current playable maps.

Counselors pushing

  • Counselors are now able to “push” other counselors
  • In order to prevent players from griefing via “bodyblocking”, we have introduced a new feature that allows Counselors to push each other. The player being pushed will slowly walk away in the direction opposite of the player pushing. This feature does not affect Jason.


  • Thick Skinned perk changes
    1. Thick Skinned now reduces ALL damage ——[Known Issue] Perks that had their values adjusted will have no in-game effect until re-equipped
    2. The tooltip for Thick Skinned has been changed from “Take less damage from all incoming attacks.” to “Take less damage.“
    3. “Originally, Thick Skinned was intended to reduce damage specifically from Jason’s’ attacks. However, there was a bug that was causing Thick Skinned to apply twice which in turn also caused the perk to incorrectly reduce all incoming damage. This issue was fixed in the last patch. After considering our internal testing and community feedback, we agreed that the previous iteration of Thick Skinned worked better for game balance when the inflated damage reduction values were no longer present.”
  • Stun Duration adjusted
    1. Jason’s Stun Duration timer has been adjusted
    2. “Jason’s Stun Duration has been adjusted across all counselors and items to better balance the changes made by the previous bug fix.”
  • Grease Monkey perk rebalanced
    1. Reduced the effectiveness of the Grease Monkey perk ——[Known Issue] Perks that had their values adjusted will have no in-game effect until re-equipped
    2. “Grease Monkey was individually causing too large of an impact. We have adjusted Grease Monkey to be more consistent with other perks.”
  • Trap Damage adjusted
    1. All counselors now take the same amount of damage from traps
    2. “Traps have been adjusted to inflict the same amount of damage across all counselors. Players that activate a trap will now always be wounded unless equipped with an adequate trap damage reduction perk.”

There is a lot more to read up on at the Friday the 13th The Game website.

Friday the 13th game update 1.14 is live now.

[Source: Reddit, Friday the 13th The Game]