Need for Speed Payback File Size Revealed in Recent Store Listing

need for speed payback file size

As we get closer to the release of the upcoming Need for Speed Payback, players now won’t have to wonder how much hard drive space they should be saving up. According to a recent listing on the Official Microsoft Store,  we now know just how big of a file the racing game will be, and it should please everyone.

In a world filled with AAA titles that are bordering on obscene sizes, Need for Speed Payback seems to buck that trend. The game will only take up approximately 17 GBs of your hard drive, according to the Official Microsoft Store. That’s not a whole lot at all, and should keep players (and their hard drives) happy.

For more on the upcoming Need for Speed Payback, make sure to check out our preview of it from the past E3. Here’s a brief snippet of what Paulmichael had to say about the game:

Some people may be hesitant that Need for Speed still contains a cinematic-driven campaign mode. Unlike the last time around, however, this campaign appears to be focused on nothing but high-octane thrills, akin to a Fast & Furious movie, or, indeed, the Need for Speed movie which released in 2014. It is a bit early to tell if the campaign will be a success, but for the time being our focus was on how the racing felt.

Need for Speed has always let you play out your high-speed racing fantasies. Ghost Games knows how to present a racing game in cinematic form. This is their third attempt at such an entry, and it appears that the cinematics are taking a bit more of a backseat to the action. Time will tell how successful Ghost Games will be at it this time around. The driving is solid, and now we wait for Need for Speed Payback’s November 10 release date.

Need for Speed Payback launches on November 10 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.