Pillars of Eternity Update Fixes Game Save Issues, Live Now on PS4

According to a recent post on the Paradox Interactive forums, a new patch for the console versions of Pillars of Eternity is now live on the PlayStation 4, with an Xbox One version of the update going live later today. The patch notes list a whole litany of changes, but most importantly the patch promises to fix saved games disappearing and new game saves not registering.

The rest of the patch notes can be viewed below:

– Reduced save game size. This fixes saved games disappearing and new saves not registering.

– If a save does not correctly save you now get an error message.

– Made it easier to navigate the inventory.

– Lowered the time it takes to open the inventory.

– Improved the way you equip weapons.

– Made it possible to destroy multiple items at once.

– Damage numbers are colored depending on source.

– Added more target selection feedback.

– Made selected character more prominent.

– Cursor assist for aoe targeting can now be turned on/off.

– Screenshot mode – It’s now possible to turn off most of the UI.

– It is now possible to disable autosaving.

– Added option to show damage taken to party members.

– Updated layout of the level up screen and character creation screen.

– Navigation and feedback improvements in a lot of menus.

– Closing the Grimoire menu no longer closes the inventory.

– New targeting system when the Interaction button is held down (The old one can be toggled on in options).

– It is no longer possible to have multiple pets.

– Summons from items now have full health when spawned.

– Camera zoom now persist across save game loads.

– “Black cat” is now black instead of orange.

– Made it easier to use quick items in the radial.

– It is now possible to examine items before picking them up.

– Changed “Loot all” button.

– Second wind is only showed in radial if the character has access to it.

– Crafting materials can now be sold.

– Party members animates properly if the party leader is in stealth.

– Fixed an issue where expert mode would be erroneously applied when loading a save that is not expert


– Increase the overall size for the strongholds update texts.

– Kickstarter NPCs are now marked with a golden speech bubble.

– The button bindings bar now shows the correct buttons.

– Fixed cutscene timings.

– Game over screen now triggers properly when summons are the last to die in battle.

– Integrated changes from PC version 3.06.

– General stability improvements.

Pillars of Eternity is available now.

[Source: Paradox Interactive Forums]