EU PlayStation Store Sale Features Weekend Discounts for Destiny 2, Uncharted & More

There are a bunch of great PS4 deals in the new PlayStation Store Sale that is going on this weekend in Europe. Several big new releases are up to 25% off including Uncharted: The Lost LegacyDestiny 2, and EA Sports titles. It’s a great excuse to jump into these big titles.

Check out all of the PS4 deals on the new PlayStation Store Sale in Europe:

If you’re on the edge on whether or not to dive into Bungie’s first-person shooter, I recommend you take a look at Chandler’s Destiny 2 review. Here’s a snippet of what he had to say:

I am a bit disappointed about how they solved the Grimoire problem, however. In some ways, moving the lore entirely in-game feels like there are less lore rabbit holes to jump down. People loved unlocking the Grimoire cards through tasks and picking up dead Ghosts scattered around the worlds. All Bungie needed to do was maintain the same system from the first game, but move the Grimoire itself into some kind of in-game accessible codex. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scanned the same object in Destiny 2 trying to get more lore, but finding that it’s bits and pieces I’ve already collected. I’ve had to rely on Destinypedia to catalog the scannable objects in the game, meaning that I’m using an out-of-game system for the deeper lore anyway.

There are some minor quality-of-life things that could be improved in Destiny 2. Having the ability to see an activity’s daily challenges before entering the activity would be nice. The current consumable shader system incentivizes hoarding rare shaders, never actually using them for fear that gear might change or you’ll get a better different shader. In some places, it feels like Bungie is catering to the casual audience and making things a bit to easy for the hardcore players to achieve. The best thing about Destiny 2, though, is that the game will be evolving and changing. The game that I’m reviewing right now will have vast changes and improvements three months, six months, even a year from now. It’s not a static product. It’s a growing world, and wrinkles will smooth out as Bungie gathers data and understands how people play their game.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]